"After Paris, bombast and partisanship — as always"
Ralph Strangis | Dallas Morning News

"Smartphones have ruined our final refuge from technology"
Ralph Strangis | Dallas Morning News

"It’s not Cowboys’ job to rid the world of bad guys"
Ralph Strangis | Dallas Morning News

"Life after hockey, and my master class in joyful living"
Ralph Strangis | Dallas Morning News

"On moving with intent..."

"Lighten up and look around..."
Ralph Strangis: I’m learning to travel light | Dallas Morning News

"Why do we inject patriotic acts into sports?"
Ralph Strangis: Why do we inject patriot acts into sports? | Dallas Morning News

"Bone and cartilage have been sacrificed to the game, and the blood has long since been scraped and cleaned from playing surfaces and boards, with the rest down the drain with the melting ice."
Strangis: Morrow sacrificing for another Cup chance - NHL.com - News

"Seems like the world — come hell or high water — wants its pound of flesh, and it’s up to me whether it gets it."
Ralph Strangis: When universe asks, say 'yes' | Dallas Morning News

"I have struggled more with this piece's first sentence than perhaps with any I've penned in some time, and so it is merely an admission and not a lead..."
According to Ralph: Seeing Red

"He fell to us from the gods, a unique bounty that comes around only once in a generation, and not to everyone, and only if your luck substantially exceeds your intellect and hard work..."
Searching for Sergei Zubov

"So it is on days like this that it's easy to make your hotel room your only stop, and room service your only caller..."
According to Ralph: Good Old, Reliable Winnipeg

"The tape came in a plain brown envelope with no return address and was late in getting there.  Walter Bush didn't even know what the damned thing was..."
According to Ralph: The Voice of the Stars

"His arms and hands are strong but elegant, possessing both the strength to do what he needs, and the dexterity to do what he wants..."
According to Ralph: Reflections on a Legend

"Never know what you're capable of and what's out there you don't try..."